A Seminar On Smart Poles In the Guzhen Government



On December 2, 2022, under the call of the leaders of the municipal government, excellent smart pole manufacturers in Zhongshan and Shenzhen held a seminar on the integration of smart poles in the Guzhen government.




Mr. Dave made a speech on behalf of the enterprises in Zhongshan and put forward the initiative of integrating solar energy into smart poles. All the entrepreneurs and leaders present agreed that this is a very forward-looking idea, which will greatly help to integrate our wisdom Light poles are promoted to the vast rural areas, so that the vast rural areas can enjoy the happiness of smart cities.





With the development of science and technology, smart cities are an indispensable part of urban construction planning, and smart poles play an important role in smart cities. A smart light pole is a system that integrates multiple devices. We can be equipped with camera, wireless AP, weather station, 4G base station, speaker, emergency call system, charging pile and so on. These devices will serve the construction of smart cities.




As the founder of Bosun Lighting, Mr. Dave has always insisted on technological innovation and product innovation. As a high-tech enterprise in Guzhen and the editor-in-chief unit of smart poles, Bosun Lighting is committed to building a stable smart pole system, exporting Chinese advanced technology, and serving the construction of smart cities in China and the world.

Solar smart poles are the advocacy of bringing green and environmental protection to smart cities. The combination of new energy and the Internet of Things makes smart cities more sustainable, which is also the development direction we have been pursuing.




GEBOSUN Lighting founded in 2005 year, GEBOSUN Lighting has been committed to the research and application of solar smart lighting for 18years. And on the basis of this technology, we have developed smart pole & smart city management system, and contributing our strength to the intelligent society of mankind.

Post time: Dec-22-2022