Professional Laberatory Patent Smart Solar Lighting System(SSLS)

BOSUN Lighting has R&D the Internet of Things solar street lighting fixtures using IoT technology depend on our patent Pro-Double-MPPT solar charge technology- BOSUN SSLS(Smart Solar Lighting System) management sysytem.


BOSUN patented intelligent solar smart lighting system(SSLS), including solar street lamp sub-side, single lamp controller sub-side and centralized management platform; Solar street lamp sub-side includes solar panel, LED lamp, battery and solar charge controller, solar charge controller includes MPPT charging circuit, LED driving circuit, DC-DC power supply circuit, photosensitive detection circuit, temperature detection circuit and infrared receiving and transmitting circuit; single lamp controller includes 4G or ZigBee module and GPRS module; individual solar street lamp is connected to centralized management side through 4G or ZigBee commu nication circuit for wireless communication, and centralized management system is connected to single lamp with GPRS module. The single lamp controller includes 4G or ZigBee module and GPRS module; through 4G or ZigBee communication circuit, the individual solar street lamp is connected to the centralized management terminal for wireless communication, and the centralized management terminal and the single lamp control terminal are connected to the Internet for wireless communication through GPRS module to combine into the whole system, which is convenient for system management control.

The core equipment supporting the intelligent solar system of BOSUN Lighting.
1.Intelligent Pro-Double-MPPT solar charge controller.
2.4G/LTE or ZigBee light controller.


Pro-Double MPPT(IoT)

Solar charge controller

Based on 18 years of experience in research and development of solar controllers, BOSUN Lighting has developed our patented intelligent solar charge controller Pro-Double-MPPT(IoT) Solar Charge Controller after continuous technical innovation. Its charging efficiency is 40%-50% higher than the charging efficiency of ordinary PWM chargers. This is a revolutionary progress, which makes full use of solar energy while greatly reducing the cost of the product.


●BOSUN patent Pro-Double-MPPT(IoT) maximum power tracking technology with 99.5% tracking efficiency and 97% charging conversion efficiency
●Multiple protection functions such as battery/PV reverse connection protection, LED short circuit/open circuit/power limit protection
●A variety of intelligent power modes can be selected to automatically adjust the load power according to the battery power

●Extremely low sleep current, more energy efficient and convenient for long distance transportation and storage
●IR/microwave sensor function
●With IOT remote control interface (RS485 interface, TTL interface)
●Multi-time programmable load power&time control
●IP67 waterproof



Product features

Professional design to improve system reliability in an all-round way

□ International famous brands such as IR, TI, ST, ON and NXP are used for semiconductor devices.
□ Industrial MCU full digital technology, without any adjustable resistance, strong anti-interference ability, no aging and drift problems.
□ Ultra-high charging efficiency and LED driving efficiency, significantly reducing the temperature rise of products.
□ IP68 protection grade, without any buttons, further improving waterproof reliability

High conversion efficiency

□ The efficiency of constant current driving LED is as high as 96%

Intelligent storage battery management

□ Intelligent charging management, patent Pro-Double-MPPT chargingconstant voltage charging and cons tant voltage floatingcharging.
□ Intelligent charge and discharge management based on temperature compensation can greatly prolong the service life of the battery by more than 50%.
□ Intelligent energy management of storage battery ensures that the storage battery works in a shallow charge-discharge state, greatly prolonging the service life of the storage battery.

Intelligent LED management

□ Light control function, automatically turn on the LED in dark and turn off the LED at dawn.
□ Five-period control
□ Dimming function, different power can be controlled in each time period.
□ Have morning light function.
□ It also has the function of time control and morning light in induction mode.

Flexible parameter setting function of

□ Support 2.4G communication and infrared communication

Perfect protection function

□ Battery reverse connection protection
□ Reverse connection protection of solar panels
□ Prevent the battery from discharging to the solar panel at night.
□ Battery undervoltage protection
□ Under-voltage protection for battery failure
□ LED transmission short circuit protection
□ LED transmission open circuit protection

Pro-Double MPPT(IoT)


4G/LTE Solar Light Controller

The solar Internet of Things module is a communication module that can adapt to the solar street lamp controller. This module has 4G Cat.1 communication function, which can be remotely connected to the server in the cloud. At the same time, the module has infrared /RS485/TTL communication interface, which can complete the sending and reading of the parameters and status of the solar controller. Main performance characteristics of the controller.


●Cat1. Wireless communication
●Two types of voltage input of 12V/24V
●You can control most of the mainstream solar controller in China through RS232 communication
●Remote control and information reading of the computer interface and mobile phone WeChat mini -program
●Can remote switch load, adjust the power of the load

●Read the voltage/current/power of the battery/load/sunglasses inside the controller
●Fault alarm, battery/solar board/load fault alarm
●Remote the parameters of multiple or single or single controller
●Module has base station positioning function
●Support remote upgrade firmware


Smart Street light

As a smart public lighting management platform for smart street light, is to realize remote centralized control and management of street lights by applying advanced, efficient and reliable power line carrier communication technology and wireless GPRS/CDMA communication technology, etc. It has functions such as automatic brightness adjustment according to traffic flow, remote lighting control, active fault alarm, lamp and cable anti-theft, remote meter reading, etc. It can significantly save power resources, improve public lighting management level and save maintenance costs.

We have developed different lighting control solutions based on different transmission protocols, such as LoRa solution, PLC solution, NB-IoT/4G/GPRS solution, Zigbee solution, RS485 solution and so on.


LTE(4G) Solution

- LTE(4G) wireless communication.
- No limit on the number of lamp controllers and transmission distance.
- Supports three dimming modes: PWM, 0-10V and DALI.
- It uses base station provided by local network operator, no need to install gateways.
- Remote real time control and scheduled lighting by group or individual lamp.
- Alarm on the lamp failure.
- Pole tilt, GPS, RTC options

NB-IoT Solution

- Wide coverage: 20db gain, increased the density of narrow belt power spectrum, re -number: 16 times, coding gain
- Low power consumption: 10 years of battery life, high power amplifier efficiency, short send/receiving time
- Power connection: 5W connection volume, high spectrum efficiency, small data packet sending
- Low cost: 5 $ module costs, simplify radio frequency hardware, simplify protocols, reduce costs, reduce the complexity of the baseband


PLC Solution

- Carrier communication: point -to -point transmission distance
≤ 500 meters, after the terminal automatic relay
≤ 2 kilometers (radius)
- PLC communication frequency is 132kHz; transmission rate is 5.5kbps; the modulation method is BPSK
- Terminal controller can control lighting equipment such as sodium lamps, LEDs, etc., ceramic gold halogen lights and other lighting equipment
- Terminal device supports PWM forward, 0-10V positive lighting mode, DALI needs customization
- The original cable is used for signal transmission without adding control lines
- Implement control functions: line control loop switch, distribution cabinet various parameter alarm detection, single light switch, light adjustment, parameter query, single light alarm detection, etc.

LoRaWAN Solution

- The LoRaWAN network is mainly composed of four parts: terminal, gateway (or base station), server, and cloud
- The link budget of up to 157DB allows its communication distance to reach 15 kilometers (related to the environment). Its receiving current is only 10mA and sleep current 200NA, which greatly delays the service life of the battery
- Gatery 8 channels receive data, 1 channel sends data, high broadcast efficiency; support 3,000 LORA terminals (related to the environment), adaptive point point
- LoRaWAN's communication rate range: 0.3kbps-37.5kbps; follow adaptive


LoRa-MESH Solution

- Wireless communication: mesh, point -to -point communication distance ≤ 150 meters, automatic MESH networking, data transmission rate 256kbps; IEEE 802.15.4 physical layer
- The number of terminals that concentrated controller can control ≤ 50 units
- 2.4G frequency band defines 16 channels, the center frequency of each channel is 5MHz, 2.4GHz ~ 2.485GHz
- The 915M frequency band defines 10 channels. The center frequency of each channel is 2.5MHz, 902MHz ~ 928MHz

ZigBee Solution

- RF(Radio frequency which including Zigbee) communication, point-to-point transmission distance is up to 150m, the total distance after automatic relay by the lamp controllers is up to 4km.
- Up to 200 lamp controllers can be managed by a concentrator or a gateway
- The lamp controller can control lighting fixtures such as sodium lamp, LED lamp and ceramic metal halide lamp with power up to 400W.
- It supports three dimming modes: PWM, 0-10V and DALI.
- The lamp controller is automatically networked with data transmission rate is 256Kbps, private network without additional communication fee.
- Remote real time control and scheduled lighting by group or individual lamp, remote control on the power circuit(when a concentrator installed in the cabinet, not available for gateway).
- Alarm on the power supply of the cabinet and lamp parameters.



Solar Smart Lighting System(SSLS)

 - Smart lighting is mainly the use of Internet of Things technology equipment, through the software platform based on the real-time conditions of the surrounding environment and seasonal changes, weather conditions, illumination, special holidays, etc. to promote the soft start of street lights and for the adjustment of street light brightness, in accordance with the needs of humane lighting, to ensure safety while achieving secondary energy saving, improve the quality of lighting.

Smart pole & Smart City

(SCCS-Smart City Control System)

Smart light pole is a new type of information infrastructure based on smart lighting, integrating camera, advertising screen, video monitoring, positioning alarm, new energy car charging, 5G micro base station and other functions. It can complete the data information of lighting, meteorology, environmental protection, communication and other industries, collect, release as well as transmit, is the data monitoring and transmission hub of the new smart city, improve the livelihood services, provide big data and service entrance for the smart city, and can promote the city operation efficiency improvement.


1.Smart Lighting Controlling System
Remotely control (ON/OFF, dimming, data collecting, alarm etc.) in real time by computer, mobile phone, PC, PAD, support communication modes like NB-IoT, LoRa, Zigbee etc.

Collect and send data to monitoring center by concentrator, such as weather, temperature, humidity, lighting, PM2.5, noise, rainfall, wind speed, etc.

3.Broadcasting Speaker
Broadcast audio file uploaded from control center

Tailor -made in appearance, equipment, and functions according to your different needs

5.Emergency Call System
Connect directly to command center, respond quickly to emergency public security affair and position it.

6.Mini Basestation
Remotely control (ON/OFF, dimming, data collecting, alarm etc.) in real time by computer, mobile phone, PC, PAD, support communication modes like NB-IoT, LoRa, Zigbee etc.

7.Wireless AP(WIFI)
Provide WiFi hotspot for different distances

8.HD Cameras
Monitor traffic, security lighting, public equipments through cameras & surveillance system on the pole.
9.LED Display
Display the advertisement, public information in words, pictures, videos by remote uploading, high efficient and convenient.
10.Charging station
Offer more charging stations for new energy vehicles, make it easier for people travelling and speed up the popularization of new energy vehicles.