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As Editor-In Chief of Unique SMART POLE & SMART CITY ,the functions of SCCS-Smart City Control System)
1. Smart City Control System: Cloud-based structure that supports high concurrent data access;
2. Fast and seamless access to third-party systems,such as SCCS smart city system access;
3. Distributed deployment system which can expand RTU capacity easily;
4. A variety of system security protection strategies to ensure the software security and stable operation;
5. Boot self-running service support;
6. Support a variety of database clusters and large databases, automatic data backup;
7. Cloud service technical support and maintenance;

  • Device:: Smart lighting, Mini base station, weather station, wireless AP, broadcasting speaker, camera, LED display,
  • Option: Use AC or solar energy
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    SMART POLE & SMART CITY (SCCS-Smart City Control System)

    1. Smart City Control System:Cloud-based structure that supports high concurrent data
    access .
    2. Fast and seamless access to third-party systems,such as SCCS smart city system
    access .
    3. Distributed deployment system which can expand RTU capacity easily .
    4. A variety of system security protection strategies to ensure the software security and
    stable operation .
    5. Boot self-running service support .
    6. Support a variety of database clusters and large databases, automatic
    data backup .
    7. Cloud service technical support and maintenance .

    Smart lighting cloud control system (SCCS) is a web-based solution with advancedcommunication and easy integration with existing installations, can monitor individualluminaries up to millions of points of light. lt facilitates reduction in power consumptionCO,emission and light pollution and moreover an optimized maintenance planning.

    smart pole

    Full Gigabit WirelessAP

    ●Plugandplay,simpleinstallation,noneed to configurate,easy maintenance
    ●Linearly adjustable power,and 180 adjustable channels which can reduce the mutual interference between CPEs, and improve the stability
    ●Designed for outdoor wireless transmission, transmission distance ≥10-15KM

    Monocrystalline Solar Panel

    ●Independently certified state-of-the-art automated manufacturing
    ●Industry leading lowest thermal co-efficient of power
    ●Industry leading 12 years product warranty
    ●Excellentlow irradiance performance
    ●Excellent PID resistance
    ●Positive tight power tolerance
    ●Dual stage 100% ELInspection warrantingdefect-free product
    ●Module lmp binning radically reduces stringmismatch losses
    ●Warranted reliability and stringent quality assuranceswell beyond certified requirements
    ●Certified to withstand severe environmental conditions
    ● Anti-reflective & anti-soiling surface minimisepower loss from dirt and dust
    ●Severe salt mist, ammonia & blown sand resistancefor seaside, farm and desert environments
    ●Excellent mechanical load 2400Pa & snow load5400Pa resistance


    Weather Station

    ●Shell material: ASA engineering plastics
    ●Response time: less than 30 seconds
    ●Storage conditions: -40~60℃
    ●Standard wiring length: 3 meters
    ●The farthest lead length: RS485 1000 meters
    ●Protection level: IP65
    ●Stability: less than 1% during the sensor life cycle
    ●Working environment: temperature -30~70℃, working humidity: 0-100%
    ●Warm-up time: 30 seconds (SO2\NO2\CO\O3 3 hours)
    ●Working current: DC12V≤40mA(HCD6815)-DC12V≤125mA(HCD6820)
    ●Power consumption: DC12V≤0.5W(HCD6815); DC12V≤1.5W(HCD6820)
    ●Output: RS485, MODBUS communication protocol
    ●Life: Except for SO2\NO2\CO\O3\PM2.5\PM10 (1 year in normal environment, high pollution
    environment is not guaranteed), the life span is not less than 3 years.

    HD Cameras

    ●Adopt high-efficiency light-filling array, low power consumption, infrared light-filling 100 m.
    ●Ultra-low illuminance is supported, 0.005 Lux @F1.6 (color), 0.001 Lux @F1.6 (black and white), 0 Lux with IR.
    ●Support 485 to read Haikang standard battery power information and perform OSD superposition.
    ●Support three-bit stream technology, and each bit stream can independently configure the resolution and frame rate.
    ●Support intelligent detection such as area intrusion detection, cross-border detection, entering area
    detection and leaving area detection.
    ●Support Haikang SDK, open network video interface, ISAPI, GB/T28181, ISUP, fluorite.
    ●Support 4G (mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications) network transmission, compatible with 3G
    (mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications)
    ●IP66, with strong anti-interference ability, is suitable for harsh electromagnetic environment, and conforms
    to the fourth grade standard of GB/T17626.2/3/4/5/6
    ●Support 3D digital noise reduction and 120 dB wide dynamic.
    ●Support timing capture and event capture.
    ●Built-in heating glass, effective defogging
    ●Support timed tasks, one-button watch and one-button cruise functions.·Up to 256 GB MicroSD card storage is supported
    ●23x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom are supported.


    Wireless AP(WIFI)

    ●Support 64 users access, 40 + users at the same time, meet the small and medium-sized
    squares / parks / scenic spots / villages, etc WiFi coverage
    ●Designed for outdoor wireless transmission with a transmission distance> 2km
    ●It can be managed remotely through the cloud platform to facilitate engineering maintenance and
    management, and reduce the cost of labor time and material resources

    Broadcasting Speaker

    ●Support LAN, Internet and 4G hybrid networking (optional)
    ●Real-time broadcast, scheduled broadcast and file broadcast.
    ● Text-to-speech broadcasting and recording broadcasting
    ● Time-sharing broadcast and alarm broadcast
    ● Support video linkage (optional)
    ● IO external contact broadcasting is supported
    ●Support linkage output
    ● High quality loudspeaker
    ●Spray-painted aluminum alloy shell, car paint process, no rust and more waterproof.
    ● IP network architecture, spanning network segments and routes
    ●Monitoring function (camera can be installed)
    ● Broadcast call function
    ●APP remote control, broadcasting


    Emergency Call System

    ●High-definition camera, active real-time monitoring;
    ●Full duplex voice intercom, no echo howling;
    ●Built-in high sensitivity microphone, 5 meters long-distance intercom;
    ●Adopting dynamic noise reduction algorithm, it can pick up sound clearly in high noise environment;
    ●Advanced digital echo cancellation technology can completely eliminate the echo and prevent howling;
    ●The design of the surrounding waterproof groove is integrated, and it is weatherproof outdoors;
    ●Design of lightning protection and automatic power supply recovery device;
    ●Waterproof metal button, the button is always on, it can be clearly seen outdoors and at night, and it has 100,000 service lives, which can resist impact and shock.

    Emergency Call System -VIDEO Intercom paging console

    ●Model name: DH-Z19G1/DH-P19G1
    ●Scope of application: This product is suitable for management center, residential property parking lot duty room, etc.
    ●Type and specification: eight-inch horizontal screen display.
    ●Use environment: put it indoors at normal temperature and humidity.
    ●Unpacking configuration: 1 power adapter, 1 base, 1 handle, 1 handle wire, manual and warranty card




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