Centralized Controller BS-SL8200C For PLC Solution

Short Description:

Support GPRS/4G and Ethernet communicationmode.High-performance 32-bit ARM9 MCU.Fully sealed enclosure: anti-interference, withstandhigh voltage,lightning and high frequency signalinterference.With 10/100M Ethernet interface.RS485 interface USB interface.With LCD display.Built-in smart meter: remotely data reading(including external meter).Built-in PLC communication module.Built-in RTC,support local scheduled task.
Built-in 4 DO.8 DI(6DCIN+2AC IN).Optional configuration: GPS.

  • Model: BS-SL8200C
  • Solution: PLC Solution
  • Data accuracy: <3%
  • Input Voltage specification: Three phase four line
  • Product Detail

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    ·LCD display
    ·High-performance 32-bit ARM9 MCU:
    ·Embedded Linux OS platform;
    ·With 10/100M Ethernet interface RS485 interface, USB interface;
    ·Support GPRS/4G and Ethernet communication mode;
    ·Firmware upgrading: online, cable and local USB disk;
    ·Built-in smart meter: remotely data reading
    (including external meter);
    ·Built-in PLC communication module;
    ·Built-in 4 DO、8 DI(6DCIN+2AC IN);
    ·Built-in RTC, support local scheduled task;
    ·Optional configuration: GPS;
    ·Fully sealed enclosure: anti-interference, withstand high voltage,
    lightning andhigh frequency signal interference;
    ·Communication module replaceable:
    BOSUN-SL8200C with PLC
    BOSUN-SL8200CZ with ZigBee
    BOSUN-SL8200CT with RS485
    BOSUN-SL8200CLR with LoRa-MESH


    Please read this specification carefully before use, so as to avoid
    anyinstallation error that might cause the malfunction of
    the device.

    Transportation and storage conditions

    (1) Storage Temperature:-40°C~+85°C;
    (2) Storage Environment:avoid any humid, wet env;
    (3) Transport: avoid falling;
    (4) Stockpiling: avoid over-piling;


    (1) On-site installation should bebyprofessional personnel;
    (2) Do not install the device in a long-termhigh temperature
    environment, which mightshorten its lifetime.
    (3) Well insulate the connects during theinstallation;
    (4) Wire the device STRICTLY according tothe attached diagram,
    inappropriate wiringmight cause deadly damage to the device;
    (5) Add a 3P air switch to the front of the ACinput in order to ensure
    (6) Install the antenna(if have) out of thecabinet for better wireless



    Ua, Ub, Uc are for AC input, N for null line;
    la, lb, lc are for the current detecting input, they cannot be directly connected toAC ,and must install an AC transformer;
    la, Ib, Ic must be STRICTLY connected to phase A/B/C ac input;
    DO1-DO4 is for digital output to control the AC contactor;
    A converter is needed to control 380V AC contactor, the common port is AC-IN, connecting to AC live line
    lz is for leakage detection, need to connect to an external zero sequence current transformer to detect leakage current.
    DI1-Dl6 is for digital input, the common port is DI COM, it cannot be connected to AC/DC current or voltage.
    AC DI1,AC DI2 are for AC detection input, the common port is AC N, it cannot be connected to DC current or voltage.
    12V+,GND are for external battery, positive and negative points must not be correct;
    13.5V+,GND is for external power supply connection, providing DC 13.5V/200mA.
    Please connect “+” “-” correctly, and make sure the external device current is no more than 200mA.


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