BOSUN NB-IoT Smart Street Light Solution with Smart Control System

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BOSUN NB-IoT solution for the smart street light is consisting with Led street light, single lamp controller, and smart control platform(software). There are 3 types of single lamp controller optional for this solution. The NEMA base, the ZHAGA base, and the wireless controller. This solution is widely used for transforming old street light because of its advantages: Wide Coverage, Low power consumpt, Large Con, and Low cost.

  • Solution: NB-IoT
  • Topological Structure: Star(B5/B8/B20)
  • Terminal Support: DALI & 0-10V dimming
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    NB-IoT Solution


    20 db gain, narrow band Spectral density, retransmission number: 16,coded gain

    10 years battery life, high power amplifier efficiency.short transmit/receive time

    5W Connection, high spectral efficiency, small packet transmission

    5 module cost, simplified RF hardware, simplified protocol reduced cost, reduced baseband complexity

    SCCS(Smart City Control System)+NB-loT System+NB Lamp Controller

    ·Topological structure
    ·Management system
    ·Frequency band requirements
    ·Multi functional options
    ·Multi-control mode


    Star (B5/B8/B20)
    Carrier coverage
    GlS map, multi-language switching, real-time control display, energy consumption report, fault alarm, user rights management
    Carrier-licensed bands
    NEMA interface, GPS positioning, tilt detection, light control functionterminal self-running tasks
    Holiday mode, latitude and longitude mode, multi-strategy control mode


    Core Equipment

    Single lamp controller

    Lamp controller with NEMA 7-PIN interface, work with NB-loT DALI and 0-10V dimming



    - Support LTE Cat M1/Cat NB1/EGPRS
    - Standard NEMA 7-PIN interface, plug and play
    - Support TCP/UDP communication protocol
    - Remotely turn ON/OFF, built-in 16A relay.
    - Support dimming interface: DALI and 0-10V
    - Read real-time status like: current, voltage, power,power factor
    and consumed energy
    - Lamp failure detection and auto report to server.
    - Photocell control, threshold configurable.
    - GPS module embedded, auto positioning
    - Remotely upgrade firmware (OTA upgrading)
    - Last gasp: no data lost during power off accident Temperature
    - Network status indicator.
    - Lightning protection & IP65 waterproof.

    Single lamp controller

    Lamp controller with ZHAGA 4-PIN interface, work with local telecomnetwork, support DALI and 0-10V dimming.Support LTE FDD, LTE TDD, WCDMA and GSM



    - Support B1/B3/B5/B8/B20/B28 @LTE-FDD;
    - With standard ZHAGA 4-PIN interface, plug and play;
    - Support DALI 2.0 protocol;
    - Failure detection: lamp failure, power failure, over voltage, over
    current, under voltage, power outrage;
    - Automatically report failure notification to server and all trigger
    thresholds are configurable;
    - Built-in power meter, support remotely read real-time status and
    parameters like voltage, current, power and energy etc;
    - Built-in RTC, support scheduled task;
    - Built-in photocell, auto control via lux value;
    - Built-in GPS, auto positioning;
    - Optional configuration: tilt sensor, temperature sensor;
    - Specially optimized for Philips Xitanium SR LED driver;
    - Lightning protection & IP66 waterproof;
    - Support online firmware upgrading(OTA).

    Wireless controller

    lmbedded lamp controller, work with NB-loT 0-10V and DALI dimming



    - NB-loT wireless transmission
    - Remotely turn ON/OFF, built-in 16A relay.
    - Support 3 dimming interface: PWM, 0-10V and DALI
    - Remotely switch dimming method between 0-10V andDALI.
    - Failure detection: lamp failure, power failure, over voltageover
    currentunder voltage
    - Automatically report failure notification to server and alltrigger,
    thresholds are configurable.
    - Built-in power meter, support remotely read real-timestatus like:
    voltage, current, power and energy, etc.
    - Built-in RTC,support scheduled task.
    - Support local firmware upgrade.
    - Lightning protection & IP67 waterproof

    1-10v Dimming Driver 100W/150W/200W


    BS-Xi LP 100W/150W/200W

    - Ultimate robustness, offering peace of mind and lower
    maintenance costs
    - Long lifetime and high survival rate
    - Energy savings through high efficiency
    - Balanced configurable feature setcovering the most common
    - Superior thermal management
    - Consistent waterproof performance through the lifecycle
    - Easy to design-in, configure and install for Class I applications
    - SimpleSet®, wireless configuration interface
    - High surge protection
    - Long lifetime and robust protection against moisture,vibration
    and temperature
    - Configurable operating windows(AOC)
    - External control interface (1-10V) available
    - Digital Configuration Interface (DCI) via MultiOne Interface
    - Autonomous or Fixed time based (FTBD) dimming via integrated
    5-step DynaDimmer
    - Programmable Constant Light Output (CLO)
    - Integrated Driver Temperature protection

    Devices For NB-IoT Solution


    Transformation of old street lamps

    With the development of society, the transformation of old street lamps has become one of the urban construction plans.


    The solution in most countries is to keep the street light poles and transform the lighting fixtures; or replace them with LED lamps made of environmentally friendly materials.or use solar energy-friendly lamps and lanterns. But no matter how the lamps are modified, they will save a lot of energy than the previous halogen lamps.


    As an important carrier of smart city, smart light pole can carry some other intelligent devices, such as CCTV camera, weather station, mini base station, wireless AP, public speaker, display, emergency call system, charging station, smart trash can, smart manhole cover, etc. It is easy to develop into a smart city.


    With BOSUN SSLS (Solar Smart Lighting System) & SCCS(Smart City Control System) stable operating system,these devices can operate efficiently and stably. The street lamp renovation project can be successfully completed.



    300 pcs Street lights use our NB-IOT Smart Street Light solution for Government project in Southeast Asia Indonesia


    Facing the disadvantages of traditional street lamps in energy consumption, monitoring and management, we hope to achieve more flexible control, smarter monitoring and more efficient management through technical means, and finally meet the needs of energy saving, emission reduction and smart city construction.

    Let me share our big successful Government project in Southeast Asia Indonesia which use our NB-IOT Smart lighting solution for 300 pcs street lights.

    The smart street lamp monitoring system for urban roads based on NB-IoT technology installs a single lamp controller integrated with NB-IoT modules on each lighting node, and the single lamp controller is then connected to the street lamp control platform through the operator's network. Two-way communication, the street light control platform directly controls each light, including switch light control, light detection, automatic light and shade adjustment, power consumption analysis and other operations, realize The smart street lamp monitoring system for urban roads with NB-IoT technology has broad prospects and broad demands. It realizes the empowerment of AI technology and realizes the analysis of city image data of street lamp nodes.

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