Gebosun Smart Pole 03 for Smart City

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Smart pole, plays an important role in smart city. This is one of our hot-sale models smart pole 01. Efficient lighting effects combine with elegant design, equipped with different devices, such as smart lighting, Mini basestation, weather station, wireless AP, broadcasting speaker, camera, LED display, emergency call system, charging station, etc. to realize the different funcitons of smart city.


  • Model: : Smart Pole 3
  • Device: : Smart lighting, Mini basestation, weather station, wireless AP, broadcasting speaker, camera, LED display, emergency call system, charging station, etc
  • Option: : Use AC or solar energy
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    (SCCS-Smart City Control System)


    1. Smart City Control System:Cloud-based structure that supports high concurrent data access .
    2. Fast and seamless access to third-party systems,such as SCCS smart city system access .
    3. Distributed deployment system which can expand RTU capacity easily .
    4. A variety of system security protection strategies to ensure the software security and stable operation .
    5. Boot self-running service support .
    6. Support a variety of database clusters and large databases, automatic data backup .
    7. Cloud service technical support and maintenance .


    ☑ Distributed deployment ,extendable RTU space
    ☑ Keep the entire street lighting system in view
    ☑ Easy to integrate with the third party system
    ☑ Support multiple communication protocols
    ☑ Convenient management entry
    ☑ Cloud based system
    ☑ Elegant design


    Core Equipment


    1.Smart Lighting Controlling System
    BOSUN Smart Street Light System Remotely control (ON/OFF, dimming, larm etc, collecting, data) in real time by computer, mobile PAD, phone, PC, support communication modes like LoRa, NB-IoT, Zigbee etc.

    2.HD Cameras
    Monitor traffic, security lighting, public equipments through SCCS surveillance system & cameras on the smart pole.

    3.LED Display
    Display the advertisement, public information in words, pictures, videos by SCCS System remote uploading, high efficient and convenient.

    4.Emergency Call System
    Connect directly to command center, respond quickly to emergency public security affair and position it. Protect your safety

    Customize in appearance, equipment, and functions according to your different needs

    6.Mini Basestation
    Remotely control (ON/OFF, dimming, larm etc,collecting, data) in real time bycomputer, mobile PAD, phone, PC, support communication modes like LoRa, NB-IoT, Zigbee etc.

    7.Wireless AP(WIFI)
    Use different WIFI hotspots to provide WIFI hotspots for different distances, which can achieve a large -scale coverage

    Collect and send data to monitoring center by concentrator, such as weather, temperature, humidity, rainfall, lighting, wind speed, noise, PM2.5, etc.

    9.Broadcasting Speaker
    Upload a radio audio file or post emergency information from the control center, so that people nearby can understand what happened

    10.Charging station
    Offer more charging stations for new energy vehicles, make it easier for people travelling and speed up the popularization of new energy vehicles.

    POPULAR Product

    Carries multiple devices such as: Hybrid Solar Power, Solar Smart Lighting, Public Speaker Emergency Call, Charging Station, HD Camera, City Radio...

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    ast year, we completed a smart pole project in Malaysia.

    This smart pole is suitable for municipal roads or commercial areas.

    This smart pole is relatively stable and integrates a variety of equipment, such as: weather station, wireless WIFI, display screen, camera, emergency call system, speaker, charging pile, USB interface and so on.

    The advantage of this smart pole is that its system is stable, and the design style of lighting is novel, which has won the favor of our customers. For installation and system docking, we have rich experience, and customers trust us very much.

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