Gebosun 4G IOT Solar Smart Lighting System for Street Light

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The composition of 4G solar smart lighting system for the street light includes the solar charge controller and the 4G/LTE solar lamp controller. These two components form the core part of the SSLS(Smart Solar Lighting System) and implements all loT functions. Adding Bosun SSLS solar smart control platform, widely used for highway, urban roads, and remote road sections, realizing the remote control of the street lights

  • Street Light Model:: BJX
  • Smart Lighting Solution: : 4G Solar
  • Included Hardware: : 4G lamp controller, Bosun Patent Solar Controller
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    Solar Solution

    4G-IoT Smart Solar Lights is connected by 4G lnternet of Things technology. through our patent software platform - SSLS real time monitoring of solar energy conversion efficiency, charging current, charging voltage, and daily charging capacity; Discharge current, discharge voltage, discharge energy. Provide data to calculate how much carbon emissions are saved each day. At the same time, it can monitor the working status of solar street lights in real time, and provide real-time alarm for easy maintenance.


    SCCS Platform + Gateway +Solar charge controller and communicator SCCS Platform + 2G /4G series

    2G, 4G, NB-loT series and RF Mesh

    Control and monitoring on solar battery, panel and lamp. Lifetime management of the devices



    Bosun smart lighting system can connect 1 million+ devices, you can achieve centralized control and management on our platform

    ☑  Remote control and imformation reading

    ☑  GPS function and conveninet for maintance

    ☑  Remote control and power regulation of the solar lights.

    ☑  Remote sending and reading of parameters of multiple or single controllers



    Core Equipment

    Intelligent Pro-Double-MPPT(IoT) Solar Charge Controller

    Based on 18 years of experience in research and development of solar controllers, BOSUN Lighting has developed our patented intelligent solar charge controller Pro-Double-MPPT(S) Solar Charge Controller after continuous technical innovation. Its charging efficiency is 40%-50% higher than the charging efficiency of ordinary PWM chargers. This is a revolutionary progress, which makes full use of solar energy while greatly reducing the cost of the product.



    - LCD display.
    - High-performance 32-bit industrial-grade based on ARM9 CPU as the micro-controller.
    - Using high reliable platform for the application as an embedded Linux operating system.
    - Attached with 10/100 m Ethernet interface, RS485 interface, USB interface, etc.
    - Support GPRS (2G) communication mode, Ethernet remote communication methods and can be extended to 4G full network communication.
    - Upgrading local/remotely: serial port/USB disk, internet/GPRS.
    - Built-in smart meters to realize remote electric energy meter reading, at the same time, support remote electricitymeter reading for external meter.
    - Built-in high-performance RS485 communication module, to achieve intelligent tunnel lighting control.
    - 4 DO, 6 DI (4 Switch IN+2AC IN).
    - Fully sealed enclosure, strong anti-interference ability, withstand high voltage, lightning, and high frequency signal interference

    Wireless Controller

    A lamp controller linked with LED driver, communicate with LCU by Lora. Remotely turn ON/OFF, dimming(0-10V/PWM), lightning protection, lamp failure detection, 96-264VAC, 2W, IP65



    - Customized communication protocol based on LoRa. - Standard NEMA 7-PIN interface, plug and play.
    - Remotely turn on/off, built-in 16A relay.
    - Photocell auto control.
    - Support dimming interface: PWM and 0-10V.
    - Remotely read electrical parameters: current, voltage, power, power factor and consumed energy.
    - Support recording total energy consumed and resetting.
    - Optional sensor: GPS, tilt detection.
    - Lamp failure detection: LED lamp.
    - Automatically report failure notification to server.
    - Lightning protection.
    - IP65

    Single Lamp Controller

    A lamp controller linked with LED driver, communicate with RTU by PLC. Remotely turn ON/OFF, dimming(0-10V/PWM), data collection, 96-264VAC, 2W, IP67.


    BS-Pro-Double MPPT(IoT)

    - BOSUN patent Pro-Double-PPT(S) maximum power tracking technology with 99.5% tracking eficiency and 97% charging conversion efficiency
    - Multiple protection functions such as battery/PV reverse connection protection, LED short circuit/open circuit/power limit protection
    - A variety of intelligent power modes can be selected to automatically adjust the load power according to the battery power
    - Extremely low sleep current, more energy efficient and convenient for long distance transportation and storage
    - IR/microwave sensor function
    - With lOT remote control interface (RS485 interface, TTL interface)
    - Multi-time programmable load power&time control
    - lP67 waterproof

    4G/LTE Solar Light Controller

    The solar internet of Thinas module is a communication module that can adant to the solar street amn controller This modulhas 4G Cat 1 communication function. which can be remotely connected to the server in the cloud. At the same time. the modulehas infrared /RS485/TTL communication interface, which can complete the sending and reading of the parameters and status ofthe solar controller. Main performance characteristics of the controller



    - Cat1. Wireless communication - Two types of voltage input of 12V/24V
    - You can control most of the mainstream solar controller in China throughRS232 communication
    - Remote control and information reading of the computer interface andmobile phone WeChat mini -program
    - Can remote switch load, adjust the power of the load
    - Read the voltage/current/power of the battery/load/sunglasses inside thecontroller
    - Fault alarm, battery/solar board/load fault alarm
    - Remote the parameters of multiple or single or single controller
    - Module has base station positioning function
    - Support remote upgrade firmware

    Devices of SSLS


    4G-IoT Smart Solar Lights System(SSLS) including remote control system platform, solar street light, MPPT(IoT) solar charge controller, 4G single lamp controller, solar panel and long lifespan LifePo4 lithium battery.

    Transformation of old street lamps

    With the development of society, the transformation of old street lamps has become one of the urban construction plans.


    The solution in most countries is to keep the street light poles and transform the lighting fixtures; or replace them with LED lamps made of environmentally friendly materials.or use solar energy-friendly lamps and lanterns. But no matter how the lamps are modified, they will save a lot of energy than the previous halogen lamps.


    As an important carrier of smart city, smart light pole can carry some other intelligent devices, such as CCTV camera, weather station, mini base station, wireless AP, public speaker, display, emergency call system, charging station, smart trash can, smart manhole cover, etc. It is easy to develop into a smart city.


    With BOSUN SSLS (Solar Smart Lighting System) & SCCS(Smart City Control System) stable operating system,these devices can operate efficiently and stably. The street lamp renovation project can be successfully completed.


    Smart Lighting with 2G/4G solution in Malaysia
    At the early of 2022, we helped our customers in Malaysia to do a smart lighting project. We advise our client choose 2G/4G according to our customer demand,The customer is very satisfied with the solution we recommended. Compared with the general solar lighting, the advantage of the smart lighting system is that it is very easy to control, and it is a very important role in the smart city. They can adjust the brightness of the light at one time, which is very convenient , and can accurately find the positioning of each lamp, very easy to control



    We have done 17 smart lighting and smart light pole projects until 2022, and the feedback from each project is very good. At present, our company keep innovation. In 2021, we will Obtained the editor-in-chief of the smart light pole. As a research and development factory, In order to better serve our customers,Bosun Lighting has developed a smart lighting system in 2022. It has already applied for a patent



    Why we can win the government smart lighting project, please find our secret as below Our Patent technology: Pro-Double MPPT(40%-50% charging efficiency than PWM solar controller)



    Our chief engineer and our CEO Mr.Dave attaches great importance to our engineering projects every time. He will supervise and perfect the plan for each engineering project. Let customers spend the least money and get the best results. We also attach great importance to after-sales service. We firmly believe that some bad feedback from customers will help us further optimize our products and let Bosun lighting go further and longer

    And We also have done many smart pole, smart lighting in other countries,such as Vietnam,The Philipines,Saudi Arabia,Chile,Thailand,China and etc,we have gain great feedback from our client, Now, we have gain positive feedback from our client, and now, we are going to help more country to build the smart city,and bring the smart lighting to the global,Let Bosun lighting light everywhere

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