Gebosun Single Lamp Controller BS-PL812 for PLC Solution

Short Description:

Smart pole plays an important role in realizing smart cities.
The function of the single lamp controller will directly affect the operation of the smart pole. BS-PL812 single lamp controller is multifunctional. With the functions: remotely turn ON/OFF, lamp failure detection, automatically report failure notification, etc., it makes the PLC solution more stable.

  • Model: : BS-PL812
  • Solution: : PLC Solution
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    ·Remotely turn ON/OFF, built-in 16A relay;
    ·Support dimming interface: PWM and 0-10V:
    ·Failure detection: lamp failure, power failure, compensation capacitorfailure, over voltage, over current, under voltage, leakage voltage;
    ·Lamp failure detection: LED lamp and traditional gas discharge
    (including compensation capacitor failure);
    ·Automatically report failure notification to server and all trigger thresholds are configurable;
    ·Built-in power meter, support remotely read real-time status and parameters like voltage, current, power and energy etc;
    ·Support recording total burning time and resetting.
    ·Support recording total failure time and resetting.
    ·Auto recognize its father node (concentrator):
    ·Leakage detection;
    ·Optional configuration: RTC and tilt
    ·Lightning protection;
    ·Waterproof: IP67:
    ·Thickness is only 40mm, more suitable for LEP lamps;



    Please read this specification carefully before use, so as to avoid anyinstallation error that might cause the malfunction of the device.

    Transportation and storage conditions

    (1) Storage Temperature:-40°C~+85°C;
    (2) Storage Environment:avoid any humid, wet env;
    (3) Transport: avoid falling;
    (4) Stockpiling: avoid over-piling;



    (1) On-site installation should bebyprofessional personnel;
    (2) Do not install the device in a long-termhigh temperature environment, which mightshorten its lifetime.
    (3) Well insulate the connects during theinstallation;
    (4) Wire the device STRICTLY according tothe attached diagram, inappropriate wiringmight cause deadly damage to the device;
    (5) Add a 6A fuse to the front of the lampcontroller AC input during installation;
    (6) The antenna must be installed outsidethe shell. DO NOT put it inside.
    (7) Make sure all the connection parts arewell waterproofed (see the instruction diagram in the end).


    AC input: 3*1.0 mm2, black jacket, brown(live), yellow green(ground), blue(null):
    AC output: 3*1.0 mm2, white jacket, brown(live), yellow green(ground), blue(null);
    Dimming output: 3*0.75mm2, black jacket, red(0-10V/DALl), green(PWM), black(GND).


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