How does the Smart Street Light Work?


How does the Smart Street Light Work?
All people know that the street lamp is sometimes on and sometimes off, but few people know the principle. Because this inconspicuous phenomenon in life has a relatively high technological content of technological innovation.

Before the single light controller appeared, every street lamp was controlled by the circuit of the distribution box. The maintenance of street lamp needed to rely on human inspection to find out which lamps were broken. As for the faults, they could only be known after replacement.

The single lamp controller, centralized controller, and the street lamp control system achieve the combination of the smart street light of the working platform. We can make the effective operation of the street lamp system through the street lamp control system simple instructions.


Smart Street Light

The control flow of single light controller:

First, the street lamp control software on the computer in the main center, the monitoring center, gives instructions on how to turn the lights on, when to turn them off, and how to respond to special emergencies.

Secondly, the centralized control host of a single single light controller is connected to complete the transmission of different commands through the problems reflected by each line.

Third, the street lamp power saving controller terminal is mainly installed around the street lamp, used to receive the command of the control host, timely execute the command switch lamp or dimming function.

Post time: Apr-09-2023