Solar Smart Street Light with Environment Friendly Solution


As we all know, IoT technology (Internet of Things) is applied in more and more fields to our life. Including smart home and smart city, which is also an important step towards new era’s trend. Of course, the outdoor street light project for special demands or smart city, is also with IoT solution as well.While more and more parts of the world have already transitioned to LED street light, or trying for solar street light, only a minority have also made the switch to control and dimming features.

The project includes converting streetlights to LED lights, with a whole system to control features, including dim and turn off lights at demands.

“The best thing for smart lighting street light project is the efficiency increase,” Said Mr Dave, the CEO of Bosun lighting which is with more than 17 years’ experience. “cities can cut energy consumption more than 60% each year; This means taking 568 cars off the road annually. Please think of the energy could help countries to fulfill more other tasks.”

“As the market evolves and government begin to understand LED streetlight technology, but IoT solution for street light is something more advanced, could control lights and discover which lighting is having problem, saving lots of human resource to deal with the practical street light problem ,”said Qingsen Shao, production department manager at Bosun Lighting.

Bosun is providing the patented system for the coming project: solar smart streetlight controller - Pro Double MPPT, cloud-based system SSLS. and offering all kinds of components to smart pole projects, including environmental monitoring, CCTV, speakers, LED screen and other needed equipment to users.

“To offer the most advanced technology and solution for our clients, we never stopped our steps towards innovation. Bosun Lighting are helping municipalities to fulfill their smart city demands, giving a community of clean energy to citizens,”said Mr Dave, CEO of Bosun Lighting, also a National Grad

Post time: Aug-09-2022